What is NOVA?

The EYE activities are supported with an online platform called NOVA – Networking for Outstanding Visionaries & Academics.  NOVA will serve as a professional platform for ideation, networking, collaboration and discussion among young European researchers involved in FET-quality interdisciplinary research. Join NOVA now!


NOVA supports online professional networking and collaborative work among young researchers in Europe. Registered young researchers can create their research profiles, search for partners with similar scientific interests and exchange ideas in discussion rooms, via instant messaging or blogging posts. Join NOVA now!


NOVA helps young researchers to jointly develop new and disruptive ideas that can be discussed and improved at various EYE events. Young researchers working in a topic can establish a private working area and invite selected people to participate in collaborative discussions. NOVA offers a range of tools for collaborative working such as online web conferencing, wiki, shared calendar and other collaborative tools. Join NOVA now!


NOVA offers a Proposal Preparation Workflow Tool designed for guide young researchers through the whole lifecycle of the project preparation process, from initial scientific concepts and creation of a scientific team to the preparation of an outline proposal. The tool provides easy to understand guidance in the main steps to be followed in preparing a research project proposal. The workflow explains how to understand innovation methodologies in developing new concept and research requirements, build a collaborative research team, define research objectives, elaborate a workplan and estimate budget requirements.Join NOVA now!