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The Lab Surfing workshops will bring together young researchers from six regions of Europe targeted by the EYE project. The first Lab Surfing workshop will convene young researchers (YRs) and eminent researchers (on EYE’s Expert Pool) from universities and research institutions in Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

The aim of the workshop is to help YRs to learn about more advanced FET research across multiple disciplines, to brainstorm about future research concepts and paradigms and get training on scientific collaboration and administration. This will be achieved by YRs working in small teams on promising ideas and submit their group ideas for participation in EYE’s annual Blue Sky Conference and Science Incubator summer school to be held in Prague and in Metz in June and August 2014, respectively.

The European Blue Sky Conference will gather teams of young researchers with the most promising ideas from the target six regions. The conference will provide a unique possibility for young researchers to learn about EU-funded FET research, further consolidate collaborative research ideas and network more widely at a European level.

Regional teams of young researchers with the most promising research ideas consolidated during the Blue Sky conference will be invited to take part in the “Science Incubator” Summer School. This four-day intensive training event will help the selected teams of young researchers to bring their ideas to a level from which substantive FET project proposals can be presented for participation in Horizon 2020. Special attention will be paid to the transformation of ideas generated by young researchers into specific project proposals.

Lab Surfing workshops

Lab surfing workshops are regional brainstorming and networking events organised in different parts of Europe.  These regional workshops will offer young researchers a unique opportunity to learn about the most advanced FET research, brainstorm about future research areas and jointly elaborate new high risk scientific ideas, partner with their peers, and also develop scientific administration and leadership skills. 

Get the best of EYE. Get into NOVA